Below you will find everything you need to know about your time with us during the 2017 Praxis Academy. If you find information that needs to be updated or have questions, please let us know by replying all to your speaker email. 


Biola University
13800 Biola Ave
La Mirada, CA 90639

We will primarily be in Crowell Auditorium (Plenary Sessions) and Talbot East (Breakouts, Roundtables).
For those who need to park, please use Parking Structure S

When you arrive on campus, please contact Meghan Easley: 724.961.9530 or Dylan Thomas: 717.669.5920

We have you down as staying locally with friends. If that changes and you need a hotel, please let us know. 

We have you down as renting your own car and driving yourself to/from the airport and to/from campus for the events you're scheduled to speak/mentor at.

We are happy to pay all travel related expenses; we simply need receipts for them in order to comply with strict IRS regulations. Please submit receipts to jon@praxislabs.org by August 16 and include the mailing address you'd like a check sent to.

Jon Hart: jon@praxislabs.org | 612.382.0609 // Contact for: Pre-Event Questions & Speaker Content
Dylan Thomas: dylan@praxislabs.org | 717.669.5920 // Contact for: On-Site Logistics
Meghan Easley: meghan@praxislabs.org | 724.961.9530 // Contact for: On-Site Logistics

We will be filming the event, and request your permission to do so for your talk; if you haven't sent your signed waiver in yet, please send to lori@praxislabs.org.

Given that talks will be filmed, we suggest a nice & smart-casual dress.


We kindly ask for slides and any specific presentation needs by Thursday July 27.

We ask that slides are in 16:9 widescreen format and "saved as" / exported to a PDF file at the highest resolution in order to preserve font and images. Please send decks to Lori: lori@praxislabs.org.

We greatly appreciate your help in reducing the chances of on-site issues by sending any presentation materials or needs by 7/27.

For Plenaries, please meet in Crowell Auditorium 45-minutes prior to the start of the session for rehearsal, sound & slide check. This is critical to ensure there are not technical issues during your stage time.

For Breakouts & Roundtables: plan to arrive 10-minutes ahead of the session starts so we can start on time. There will be host team members around to help you with timing. 

Academy includes 3 types of sessions: Plenary, Breakouts, and Roundtables. We've found delivering content in a variety of settings and formats enhances the student learning experience and gives them exposure to an array of experiences and perspectives. This also means timing for our sessions are tight, thus we appreciate your help in preparing content that is succinct and within the allocated time. We intentionally schedule some sessions for a tight timeframe on the main stage, knowing that the topics are best digested in a smaller format. 

Here's an explanation of the session types:

Plenary sessions are on the main stage with the full audience (~200). There are talks, panels, and interviews. 

Breakouts are a deeper-dive on a topic where 2-3 mentors co-facilitate a conversation and engage the audience for Q&A. Sessions are 40 minutes; consider sharing 15-20 minutes of up front content (between all mentors) then inviting audience Q&A. Expect ~20-45 students per session. 

Roundtables are an an informal time for a smaller group to personally engage with mentors and ask questions about the whole of life — from career, life, or startup advice. These are a unique opportunity to share more personal and off-the-record stories (they will not be recorded), if you are comfortable with that. As you might imagine, students value authentic stories (even if they are incomplete) over prepared or canned answers.


View the full week's event schedule here and meet the mentors here. Please note the below schedule only includes the times we have you down as having specific mentorship/speaking responsibilities. You're more than welcome to attend before or stay after your official mentoring times. 


Plenary II: Theology - Culture - Entrepreneurship
Crowell Auditorium

A Conversation on Race, Gender, and the Social Fabric of Society // Panel, 15 minutes
Jessica Kim, Christy Vines & Anthony Flynn

FORMAT: Moderator will ask each speaker one key question and then we'll flow the conversation. This is meant to be a conversation between all panelists, so feel free to jump in and riff on something another panelist said, add to it, or ask them a follow up. You're all highly skilled, wonderful people who have a lot to say on this topic. Our goal is not to be comprehensive here, but rather have this be topic we get the students thinking about, and they have Breakouts and Roundtables to delve deeper (which are smaller format/more personal, where the nuances can be more drawn out). 


  • To ANTHONY: you gave a talk once that talked about how sometimes people stop short by only thinking about race in terms of what they see today, when the reality is our current moment in culture is downstream from generational patterns that span hundreds of years. Share more about how the social fabric of society includes these generational patterns and what we should do about them

  • To JESSICA: there’s been a lot of news recently about female entrepreneurs and raising capital, specifically when most of the powerbrokers are males. Can you talk about your experience raising capital from top VCs like Gary Vaynerchuk? Which, by the way, audience, she did when she was pregnant!

  • To CHRISTY: both Jessica and Anthony have been working on creative responses as entrepreneurs; but we know that not everyone will be a founder. You’ve worked on both of these issues of diversity and gender -- and spent much of your vocation on them, but advocating for change from within a system instead of building new ones. Can you talk about change from within a system and your experiences with it?

Cafe Biola

Talbot East, various locations

Venture Formation: Starting From Scratch (DFR)
Anthony Flynn, Jessica Kim // TE, 107

We’ve all heard people claim “hey, I had that idea” when they see a cool new startup – perhaps you’ve even found yourself saying it. While many people are flush with great ideas, entrepreneurs are the ones who take action and build something around the idea. This session will focus on the ever-present “I have an idea: what next?” question, and how to move from an idea to creating an actual venture. 

Jessica Kim is a serial entrepreneur who has started two venture-backed startups – one that raised $1 million before she graduated college. Jessica is now working on her third venture as an Entrepreneur in Residence at Charles River Ventures, where she’s been in the idea/concept stage of a new venture for a few months. She will discuss how to start moving an idea into actions. 

Anthony Flynn – founder & CEO of Gifted, and author of The Execution Pipeline – will share thoughts from his book about how to set goals and milestones to move an idea forward. His experience includes years working in Fortune 100 companies prior to making the leap to start his own venture, coaching dozens of leaders, and leading workshops on how to put your ideas into action. 

Developing High-Level Mentoring Relationships (CS)
Anthony Flynn, Dave Blanchard // TE, 107

Mentoring relationships are critical for career success, and this is especially so for entrepreneurs who need to recruit the best advice, funding, and talent to make their venture work. Those who rise to the top have found a way to get the highest level, busiest people to invest their time in them; but how do they do it? This session will focus on getting introductions to great mentors, how to follow up, and be a great mentee to develop a long-term flourishing relationship. 

Anthony Flynn is the Founder and CEO of Gifted – a multi-dimensional mentorship program that finds the best students from low-income neighborhoods and sets them on a different path to break generational poverty. He has spent years learning about and teaching mentorship. He claims to be a product of great mentorship and the opportunities they provide – having defied the odds by rising out of his difficult childhood to graduate at the top of his program in college and land a job with a Fortune 100 company, then going on to lead two NGOs and write a book. Anthony maintains mentoring relationships with CEOs of major corporations, who have helped him, and Gifted, immensely. 

Dave Blanchard has built Praxis through an emphasis on community and mentorship. Not only has Dave’s design of everything Praxis does have an intense focus on mentorship, but he himself if the product of great mentoring relationships. From the pre-launch days, he was able to steward high-level introductions to key leaders and turn them into personal, ongoing relationships that he has maintained over many years and many miles. 

Diversity And Designing Cultural I.Q. Into Your Venture (DFR)

David Bailey, Anthony Flynn, Josh Kwan // TE, 111

We live in an increasingly diverse world, yet in many ways we’re becoming more divided and polarized – and even leaders who want to be agents of reconciliation feel ill-equipped to do so. At the same time, in the business community there has been a movement centered on how organizations and communities can become healthier, more innovative, and more resilient when they take advantage of many forms of diversity. In this session, David and Anthony will build on David’s main stage talk to help us navigate the very real tensions of these two narratives – call them the “conflict / reconciliation narrative” and the “strategic diversity narrative.” As people of God working within organizations, how do we operate faithfully in this environment? What are practical and tangible steps that one can take to address issues of race and diversity in a way that engages rather than polarizes? We’ll discuss these and more in this important breakout for leaders of all backgrounds wanting to build their cultural I.Q.

David Bailey is the founder of Arrabon and spends his time speaking, coaching, and advising companies, churches, and nonprofits on developing the cultural intelligence and reconciliation practices to be a “foretaste of heaven” on earth. He continues to live out these practices though his and his family's commitment to a diverse, multi-ethnic neighborhood, intentional community, and church plant in Richmond, VA. He also founded and leads Urban Doxology, which helps build bridges through music that crosses boundaries in ethnicity, race, and class.

Anthony Flynn is the founder of Gifted, which works with low income and minority communities to build future marketplace leaders through a series of programs and skill building workshops from high school through college. Anthony has also worked at Fortune 100 companies and has seen how they leverage (or fail to take advantage of) opportunities for enriching their organizations through the development of diverse perspectives in the workforce.

Speakers Dinner
Mr. V's Bar & Grill (14320 Valley View Ave, La Mirada, CA 90638)


Cafe Biola

Morning Worship
Talbot East Courtyard

Talbot East, various locations

Cafe Biola

Plenary III: Praxis Fellows & The Startup Journey
Crowell Auditorium

3:20-3:30 PM
Gifted, 5-minute venture pitch / startup story
Anthony Flynn

Fellows & Emerging Founders Dinner
12 Sixty Modern Pub & Kitchen (14299 Firestone Blvd, La Mirada, CA 90638)

Private Concert
The Brilliance
Crowell Auditorium


Cafe Biola

Morning Worship
Talbot East Courtyard

Talbot East, various locations



We have your time with us concluding on Thursday at 12pm after Roundtables. Since you'll have your own rental car, we have you down as driving yourself to the airport. If you need us to arrange anything for you related to departure please let us know. Thanks so much for being with us!