"Make the most of every second you get there and meet as many people as possible! It's rare to find this many like-minded and driven entrepreneurs in on place for this length of time."  – Josh Foster, Academy '16

"Take your biggest dreams with you to Academy and don't be afraid to share them! Keep an open mind and let others expand what you think is possible in business and service. You might even find someone to build something great with."  – Grant Huebner, Academy '16

"First, REALLY LISTEN, and not just to speakers. Listen to the questions and little sparks of ideas that pop up along the way. Don't be consumed with your checklist of things to learn -- be open to new lessons and inspirations, and pursue them fully. Oh, and make friends, not a network." – Sarah Panayiotou, Academy '15

"Billions of people are depending on you to listen to God's call on your heart. And remember that success is only ever determined by the number of people we bring along." – Patrice Madurai, Academy '16

"Assume nothing. Even though we all believe in Christ, our walks with Him are as unique as we are. Asking others about their faith journey gave me great insights into who they are and why they do what they do." – Olugbenga Joseph, Academy '15

"Have the mentality that this isn't just one week, it's community for life if you want it! Make sure you sit with new people at meals." – Melissa May, Academy, '15

"Soak in every minute and don't be afraid to talk with speakers! Ask the Lord to reveal one or two specific lessons that he'd like you to learn." – Jonathan Graber, Academy '15

"Take plenty of notes and soak up as much information as possible. You never know when it might come in 2 years later when you're running your own business full-time." – Ian Morrison, Academy '14

"Go meet people! Don't stay with your clique all 5 days. Get some deep conversations going, but make sure you have fuunnn!! Pray and spend time with God to refueled -- it's a full week!" – David Alexander, Academy '14

"You never know who you're talking to, so build relationships with everyone. And get used to feeling like a small fish in a big pond." – Aaron Peabody, Academy '16

"Social media is an awesome way to keep up with your classmates after the event, so connect with everyone. After the event, keep your notes handy, in a place where you'll see them everyday -- I kept them on my dresser. You need to memorize these lessons so that you can apply them real-time -- I still go back to mine from 3 years ago." – Cameron Gilmore, Academy '14

"Take notes (especially reading recs the mentors drop all day), then take some time alone in the week to process what you're learning and what God is speaking into you. Always maintain a position of humility and a hunger to learn from others rather than comparing yourself to them." – Lauren Culbertson, Academy '16

"Recognize that YOU belong!!" – Josiah Day, Academy '16

"Sit next to somebody new at every session and ask them (in the words of Tanner Dobbs, Academy '16) 'what are you about' -- listen to their story and passions. Then, exchange #s and follow up after Academy." – Karolina Lagerquist, Academy '15

"Identify a few fellows & mentors to stay in touch with and do so with persistence. Trust me, it pays off." – Justin Stimpson, Academy '16