We have you scheduled to be with us at the event on campus from Wednesday, August 3 at noon through Friday, August 5 at noon.
We have you arriving August 2 at 1:45 pm via VX1355, and taking care of your own transportation to campus. 


The Biola campus is located at:
13800 Biola Ave
La Miranda, CA 90639

Lodging is proximate to the Biola campus, and we have booked a room for you checking in Wednesday and checking out Friday. 

Sheraton Cerritos Hotel
12725 Center Court Drive South
Cerritos, CA 90703

We will be filming the event, and request your permission to do so for your talk; if you haven't sent your signed waiver in yet, please send to lori@praxislabs.org 

Given that talks will be filmed, we suggest a nice & smart-casual dress.

We kindly ask for slides and any specific presentation needs by Tuesday July 26.

Slides should be in 16:9 widescreen in PDF format at the highest resolution. Note slides can be saved as a PDF from PowerPoint or Keynote, which preserves font and image integrity. Please send any decks to Lori: lori@praxislabs.org 


Jon Hart   jon@praxislabs.org       612.382.0609// Speaking Details, Content, Pre-Event Logistics
Dylan Thomas   dylan@praxislabs.org    717.669.5920 // Academy Week Logistics
Jeff Wojicki academy@praxislabs.org 574.360.2835 // Academy Week Logistics 

Please submit receipts to jon@praxislabs.org by August 16 and include the mailing address you'd like a check sent to. 

You can view the full week's event schedule here

We have you down as participating in the following sessions.


2:00 - 5:30 PM Plenary III: Startup Stories with Praxis Fellows // Crowell Auditorium

*You, Dave & Jon will be doing introductions for these sessions -- please review the bios for the Fellows you're introducing to prepare. 


  • Jon introduces the afternoon and the Future Founders - "Founders" Track entrepreneurs, who will share 90 second pitches.
  • "Founders Track" Entrepreneur: Brooks Powell - Thrive+ 
  • "Founders Track" Entrepreneur: Will Sevrens - Membands
    • Follow Up: Brooks Powell & Will Sevrens // interviewed by Jon Hart
  • Jon Introduces Jessica Kim, Praxis Venture Partner, who will be doing intro's today, and Roundtables tomorrow
  • The JOYN Story: Melody Murray // Introduced by Jessica Kim
  • The Webconnex Story: John Russell // Introduced by Dave Blanchard
  • The Gifted Story: Anthony Flynn // Introduced by Jon Hart
    • Future Founders Follow-Up: Janet Adeola & Anthony Flynn // interviewed by Jon Hart
  • The Rey Swimwear Story: Jessica Rey // Introduced by Jessica Kim
  • The Axis Story: David Eaton // Introduced by Dave Blanchard

  • "The Darkside of Entrepreneurship" talk by Will Haughey // introduced by Jon Hart
  • The Akola Project Story: Brittany Underwood // introduced by Dave Blanchard
  • The Save The Storks Story: Joe Baker // Introduced by Jessica Kim
  • The Will Reed Story: Paige Robinson // Introduced by Jon Hart
    • Future Founders Follow-Up: Tanner Dobbs & Paige Robinson // interviewed by Jon Hart
  • The Giving Keys Story: Brit Gilmore // Introduced by Dave Blanchard

  • Business Panel: Jessica Rey, John Russell, Will Haughey // interviewed by Jessica Kim (15 minutes) 
  • Nonprofit Panel: David Eaton, Joe Baker // interviewed by Dave Blanchard
  • Social Enterprise Panel: Brittany Underwood, Brit Gilmore, Mel Murray // interviewed by Jon Hart

// BUSINESS PANEL SCRIPT -- please prepare to have this memorized -- you may bring notes on stage to reference. Please begin with the frame and then go into the questions as you see fit. Please add anything you think should also be included. 


  • When we talk about ventures being a “modern apologetic” sometimes it’s hard to imagine what that looks like and we fall into the trap of primarily thinking of nonprofits or churches. Each of these businesses has shown a different way, and communicated it through their language / messaging, their products, and company culture.



  • Jessica Rey, let’s start with you. How is having a business venture a different way to spread a message than, say, being a Power Ranger!?
    (JRey:  there is a message not only in the advertising, website, etc. but in the product itself; that product is sold and then the story is re-told; etc.)

  • Will, you have spent a significant amount of time thinking about long term impact in Honduras. What are some of the ways that your goal to create jobs for people that you cared about has gone deeper than simple employment? (Will: 401k type plans, education, etc)

  • John, Webconnex is a remote team -- can you talk about what you and Eric have done with employee culture to ensure that values aren’t just words on a wall? (John R: taking the team & their families to Costa Rica)

  • Jessica & John, you’ve both bootstrapped -- not taking capital from outsiders for the most part. Can you share your decision making process here and the benefits and challenges of being on your own in that way?
  • Will, you have taken on capital from investors; some are believers, others are not. How has that been, and how have you been able to communicate to those who don't share the same faith as you about the mission of Tegu? 

6:00 PM
Praxis Fellow, Future Founders, & Praxis Team Dinner
Meet in front of Crowell Auditorium after Plenary for transport to: 

Il Garage
11200 Beach Blvd
Stanton, CA 90680

Dave, Josh, Jon will be driving to dinner and back to the hotel after. 



Breakfast // On your own at hotel restaurant or Starbucks

8:15 AM

Meet in Lobby for Transportation to Biola
Dave Blanchard driving speakers who need transport

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Roundtables // Talbot East

Three, 45-minute sessions (9:20, 10:15, 11:10) where 5-10 students engage with a Fellow in a roundtable, open Q&A format covering a variety of topics. Students will register for roundtables after hearing from each Fellow on Wednesday; each Fellow will have a table where they host the session, and there will be no need to prepare specific materials. 


Breakfast // On your own at hotel restaurant or Starbucks
Please Check-out & Bring Luggage to campus, as you'll depart right after the Plenary to LAX

8:15 AM

Meet in Lobby for Transportation to Biola
Dave Blanchard driving speakers who need transport

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Roundtables // Talbot East

9:00 - 11:30 AM
Plenary IV: Closing Thoughts & Farewell // Recital Hall

  • Jon Hart: Week Recap
  • Jessica Kim: Loving Your Neighbor: A Startup Mentality (30 minutes)
  • Break
  • Promod Haque: Entrepreneurship Across All of Life
  • Skye Jethani: Reimagining How Entrepreneurs Relate to God
  • Jon Hart: Closing & Commissioning 



Josh Kwan & Dave Blanchard will both be driving to LAX after the Plenary. Please plan to catch a ride with one of them if you'd like to go directly to the airport.